• Som ตำ Thai - Crescent Mall
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  • Som ตำ Thai - Vincom Center Dong Khoi
  • Som ตำ Thai - Saigon Centre
  • Som ตำ Thai - Estella Place
  • Som ตำ Thai - Le Thanh Ton
  • Som ตำ Thai - Vincom Center Metropolis Ha Noi
  • Som ตำ Thai - Vincom Center Pham Ngoc Thach Ha Noi
  • Som ตำ Thai - Nguyen Tri Phuong
  • Som ตำ Thai - The Loop Ha Noi
  • Som ตำ Thai - Lotte Mall West Lake
  • Som ตำ Thai - Hung Vuong Plaza
  • Som ตำ Thai - Hai Ba Trung Ha Noi

"Easy to find a salad anywhere, but  you may know that Thai's salad (Papaya Salads) is on the top 50 salad worth trying in the world. Thai Cusine has its own way with their own recipe and especially the way to combine many sophisticated and complex but subtle spices for highly-seasoned, tasty, balanced, unique flavor that is always loved around the world, specially authentic Thai from spice to. Thai cusine has 4 traditional styles from 4 regions of Thai: North, Eastern North, the Midland and South creating a colorful Thai cuisine from the tastes to the flavors.


In Som ตำ Thai, food is cooked by Thai Head Chef has a wealth of experience, hereditary recipient, the original marinade imported from Thai and the sources of fresh ingredients in local all of which  have created authentic Thai flavor."